Obfuscate Text

When re-writing my resume I came to a little dilemma – how do I hide my email and phone number from the evil spammers. First I thought I should write a JS script, but I don’t know JS that well, and not sure if that would be very useful as an exercise. So, I present to you the Python text obfuscator. Well, not really - it just changes the characters with HTML codes. Because there is one-to-one mapping, any spammer could decode it into a real number or email. We are just counting on spammers’ laziness.

Zafar Takhirov

Zafar Takhirov
I am a recent PhD graduate from Boston University. While my work focuses on digital design,error mitigation, and machine learning, my non-work interests range widely from information theory (go Shannon!), quantum computing, grandfather paradox, Star Trek, Little Mermaid, 'why is the grass green?', 1Q84, etc., etc., etc. If you want to talk about, well, anything - just ping me.

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