When re-writing my resume I came to a little dilemma – how do I hide my email and phone number from the evil spammers. First I thought I should write a JS script, but I don’t know JS that well, and not sure if that would be very useful as an exercise. So, I present to you the Python text obfuscator. Well, not really - it just changes the characters with HTML codes. Because there is one-to-one mapping, any spammer could decode it into a real number or email. We are just counting on spammers’ laziness.

If you work in Python only occasionally, and don’t need different versions of packages, isolated setups, never have problems with dependencies, or never work on ‘dev’ versions of python – chances are you don’t need this post, and you can stop reading here :)

This is more of a “I know what Python is, and I am ready to start with more advance stuff, like running it… or contributing to other people’s codes, but I don’t wanna screw up whatever I have on my machine, and how do I do that again?” type of thing

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Getting B.S. in C.S. 2.0

Some time ago I have posted a list of free courses that you can take online to have a degree equivalent to BS in computer science (the equivalence is still questionable1). The reason I made the list is because I was going through the same – I have a degree in Linguistics, and had to spend a lot of time taking online courses to get my MS in Computer Engineering.

I hope you will find it useful for your continuing education! :)))

Note that this is a general curriculum released by MIT and if you disagree with it – sorry, cannot do anything about it. Later on I will publish my own curriculum that I am currently using to get deeper into machine learning.

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Python Running Time Experiments
Image source: Ex Machina

I have just (re)started the MIT OCW 6.006, and during the discussion of different algorithms decided to check what are real run-times for different commonly used methods on my machine. Continue reading to see the results…

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Preparing for an Interview
Image source: GitHub

Preparing for interviews is hard, so I decided to put my solutions here. I am going through “Cracking..” book right now, but I think I am going to switch back to LeetCode. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

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